In addition to providing everything a basic customization module must offer, find many additional features in this non-exhaustive list.

Any product

Personalize all types of products : clothes, bottrles, shoes, bags... Let your imagination take place and start creating unique products.

Drawing areas.

Some products have multiple zones, and the designer allows you to configure as many as you want, whether square, rectangular or triangular !


Layer management

Manage layers easily using the layer management module, each drawing area contains its own layers, which facilitates their manipulation.


Use the colorpicker or set your own colors that you can add a price to.

Curved text

Add a curved effect to your texts and adjust the radius as well as the spacing of the letters.


Position, size, rotation, modify the different properties of your designs and use the arrows on your keyboard to refine the position of your elements.

Printing types

Do you have to manage several types of printing? The designer allows you to define different types of prints to which you can add different colors. When you choose a color, all other colors are automatically changed to the closest matching color to the print type.


Change the layout of the various elements of the designer, and choose which elements should be displayed. You also have the choice between three different views on the page: compact, wide or full screen.


Pricing rules

Create your own price rules according to many properties such as the number of colors used, the number of characters in a text, the number of lines in a text, the size of the canvas, the size of an image or even the number of different layers.


In addition to defining your own designs in PNG, JPEG or SVG format, your users can also choose images from their Facebook or Instagram account, or from DepositPhotos and Pixabay.


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Thanks to the studio, edit and add many effects to your images. You also have the option of removing different colors from an image or even adding a mask.

Markers If you need to add elements in specific places without the user being able to use transformations on them, you can use the markers which allow to add constraints to the added elements, like the length of characters for a text, the element size, rotation, etc ...

Qr Code Easily add Qr Code.

Print Print directly from the designer.

Zoom Zoom in to see better!

Snap grid Snap the designer to perfectly align your elements.

Ruler Use the ruler to place your elements.

Magnifying glass Take a closer look at your elements using the magnifying glass.

Reset Reset the current view to its original state.


Both on desktop and mobile, the designer should be able to display correctly so that your users can get the most out of the designer.



Easily translate the plugin either directly from the administration by storing the translations in the database or by using a plugin such as Loco Translate or by using PoEdit.