Asuka Designer - javascript

Asuka Designer is a javascript plugin to allow product customization.

No matter what you have to customize, the designer can manage a large number of products with ease using his many tools.


Once you have obtained the zip file from the CodeCanyon site, all you have to do is load the various files necessary for the plugin to work.

<!-- The main CSS file -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="url/to/your/file/asukadesigner.min.css">

<!-- The main JS file -->
<script src="url/to/your/file/asukadesigner.min.js"></script>

Be sure to place the jspdf.addon.js file at the same place then the asukadesigner.min.js file if you need the PDF exports.


<div id="myId"></div>
    var options = {
        mode: 'frontend'

    var instance = new AsukaDesigner('#myId', options); // Create an instance of the main plugin class

    instance.designer().addView('myView', {height: 500, width: 500}); // Access the subclasses from the main class


To get more information on the licenses, visit this link.