If your server fulfills the prerequisites, and you have been able to install the plugin without any problem, you will be able to create your first custom and that is what we will go over now !

Create a custom product

In this example, we will create a tshirt containing two views, two drawing areas, as well as a text added by default.

The first thing to do is therefore to create a personalized product. To do this, we go to the Custom products tab of the plugin, and therefore create our new personalized product by clicking on the new link.

The creation page will then open, and you will see an empty designer appear.

We now create views by clicking on the Views menu, then on the Add view button. A new window opens in which you can choose the name and size of the view or even use predefined view sizes.

In our case we create two views, a Front and a Back.

We then move on to the elements that will constitute our product, we will limit ourselves to a simple t-shirt in our example, but you could add as many elements as you wish.

By opening the Elements menu on the Front view, click on Add, you can choose between a simple element or a multiple element (a product whose shape varies for example), in our case it will be a simple product.

Our Tshirt element has two variations, White and Black, we do not activate the bring to front option (useful for elements that must be in front of all the layers), nor do we add a price (we will define the price of the directly product from the WooCommerce interface), we add an image, we choose a representative color for the variation and then we end up defining the view activated by default.

For the second view, we could proceed in the same way as before, but to go faster, we can also copy the structure of another element. To do this, we go to the elements menu again, but this time, we click on the blue copy icon.

We then choose the element to copy which will open a window for adding an element already pre-filled, we just have to choose the different images.

We can now proceed to the creation of our drawing areas, to do this we click on the Drawing areas menu.

By clicking on Add drawing area, we have the choice between 4 types of area, rectangle, circle, triangle or ellipse, ours will be rectangular, so it will be rectangle. Once selected, we just have to draw our rectangle by keeping the left click of the mouse pressed. The same operation is repeated for the rear view.

Our product is now finished, we can now save the product, but we will first add a layer to our product. As we haven’t added any design from the administration yet, we’ll just add a text.

So we go to the Text menu, add a text, then save the product.

Our product finally created, we will be able to link it to a WooCommerce product. To do this, we create a product in the classic way, then we go to the product data block, then to the custom product tab and choose our Tshirt product. You can also choose the product display mode on the product page, if you keep the Set thumbnail option checked, the product thumbnail will be created automatically.

We can then go to the frontend to check that our product is displayed!

Our product for the moment is quite basic, to learn a little more about the possibilities of the plugin, do not hesitate to look at the rest of the documentation or to contact us if you have any problem.

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