You have the option to assign a prize for each design, color, type of print, designs and elements. However, if you want to take the price calculation even further, you can design your own price rule, for that, go to the plugin’s Pricing rules menu.

You have the option of adding multiple rules. Among each rule, you have several fields to fill in:

  • Ownership of the price rule
  • The match: if you put first, only the first valid condition will be executed, otherwise, all the valid conditions will be executed, in addition be sure to choose a good order in the case of the first choice.
  • The scope: if you put first, only the first object found will be executed, otherwise, will be executed on all occurrences.
  • The target: you can filter on which types of objects or which view the rules will be executed.
  • To finish the conditions, which will be executed if they are valid.

Once you have created your pricing rules, you can now select them on the custom product setup page.

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