You might need to set the personalization of a text, image or design to a specific location, for that, markers are the best way to do this.

Go to the markers module :

Once the module is open, you simply click on “create a marker”. You should then get the following window :

Several options are then available to you :

  • Type : The type of marker it is between text, design and upload
  • Icon : The icon representing the marker
  • Drawing area : The drawing area to which the marker will be attached
  • originX : The horizontal origin point of the marker
  • originY : The vertical origin point of the marker
  • Align center on resize : The marker will be placed in the middle of its container if the window is resized
  • Free placement : The marker can be moved freely
  • Prevent rotation : Prevent the marker from rotating
  • Prevent scaling : Prevent resizing of the marker
  • Prevent horizontal movements : Prevention of horizontal movements
  • Prevent vertical movements : Prevention of vertical movements
  • Width : The width of the object replacing the marker
  • Height : The height of the object replacing the marker
  • Max width : The maximum width the object can reach
  • Max height : The maximum height the object can reach

Once you are done setting up the marker then you can place it anywhere you want with the mouse and once placed you should get something like this :

By clicking on the marker, depending on the type you have chosen, the image, design or text module will open :

By validating the addition of the text, the marker will be automatically replaced by the text :

By deleting the text, the marker will go back to its original location :

You now know how to create and use markers !

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