Extend the possibilities of personalization of your customers using the different addons offered on this page.

To install an addon, refer to the documentation of the corresponding version below.

Text path

Create texts on paths using this addon. Draw your paths directly using the mouse and the texts will be automatically placed on the curve. In addition, just like normal text, it is possible to change the formatting and color of the text.

Free drawing

Give your customers the possibility to draw directly on the canvas with the Free drawing addon using the various brushes that come with it. It is also possible to modify the shadow as well as the size of the brush.


Basic and yet essential, the Forms addon will allow your customers to add shapes to further personalize their creation.

Pdf export

Need to export to PDF? Use the PDF addon, and add the ability to download the various elements in PDF format.


Do you want to offer additional services, paid or not, to your customers? Use the Services addon to add this functionality and give your users the option of choosing the additional service they need.


Maybe some of your products have different sizes, and you want to give your users the option to choose directly from different sizes? With the Sizes addon, configure several sizes and let your customers choose among them.


Add frames to your products, choose the price, color, thickness and size.